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Build personas for you or your clients to create better marketing campaigns and sales tactics.

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All PersonaBold Packages Include:

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Custom Data

Custom Target Industries

Persona Comparison

Versioning & Revisions

Various Data Types – text, lists & bar charts

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Common Questions

Do I need a credit card for the free trial?

Nope, not until the 15 day trial is over, but you can always upgrade sooner.

Can I cancel my account any time?

Of course. You pay at the start of the month and will be provided access until the end. We will keep all your data for six months.

What support options do I have?

We have a pretty detailed help guide and FAQs once you are signed up and in the software.

What is an Export Template?

In our software, you have the ability to export your Personas to nice looking, branded PDFs that can be sent to others or printed.  We suggest you print them and put up on your wall as a constant reference.

What is a Persona?

Also called a Buyer Persona or Customer Avatar, Personas are detailed definitions of your target audience – they often include demographics, psychographics, patterns, behaviors and lots of other information that helps you understand everything about your audience.

Why did you create PersonaBold?

We are strong believers that knowing your audience inside and out leads to significantly better marketing and sales. Personas should be used when choosing what channels to promote on, creating messaging or designs, choosing content topics or as references for the development of proposals.

There are many uses, but not knowing your target audiences well isn’t a good option.

Who are you guys and where are you located?

We’re located in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are a part of Insivia, A Consulting Firm & Digital Agency.  We use Personas all the time in our own work and created this tool to deliver better looking and more flexible Buyer Personas for our clients.

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